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A huge amount of information already exists on the subject of health and wellness – news, views, theories, and discoveries. You may have heard much of it before. This website is not about re-presenting all this information to you. It is not about just learning new things!

My objective is to synthesize and simplify, based on my own formal learning and insights in the Eastern holistic approach, the Western scientific approach, and my personal discoveries and experiences.

My vision is to:

  • Deliver to you important realizations about your own wellness, and ways to implement those realizations which are manageable and practical, and
  • Introduce to you simple and powerful ways to assess and change your habits that will have a significant impact on your life in terms of longevity, health and well-being, and
  • Keep you informed about significant discoveries and practices that may be of great value.

With that in mind eMedToday has been established to provide you with crucial information on your own health care and to deal with important health issues that affect many of us.

I have created a series of web-sites and web-pages on various health topics as shown below. You can visit any of these to find specific information that you may be looking for:

ID# Website Page Topic
1 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/ Cholesterol-Busting Secrets on Controlling Your Cholesterol Levels in a Safe and Natural Way: Save Your Heart!
2 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/lower-cholesterol-levels/ Lower Cholesterol Levels Introduction
3 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/cholesterol-risk/ Understanding Cholesterol Risk
4 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/how-lower-cholesterol/ How Lower Cholesterol Can Be Managed and Controlled
5 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/lower-cholesterol-by-diet/ Strategy and Approach to Lower Cholesterol by Diet
6 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/foods-which-lower-cholesterol/ Primary Foods Which Lower Cholesterol
7 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/diet-that-lower-cholesterol/ Food Tips For a Diet That Lowers Cholesterol
8 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/diets-lower-cholesterol/ How Do Diets Lower Cholesterol?
9 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/foods-for-lower-cholesterol/ Foods for Lower Cholesterol – Foods to Avoid
10 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/naturally-lower-cholesterol/ Naturally Lower Cholesterol With Exercise
11 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/lower-cholesterol-foods/ Lower Cholesterol Foods for a Better Heart
12 http://www.howlowercholesterollevels.com/category/cholesterol-blog/ Cholesterol Blog
13 http://www.emedtoday.com/ Our General Website
14 http://www.emedtoday.com/the-5-habits/ The 5 Habits of Wellness
15 http://www.emedtoday.com/blog/ Our General Health Blog
16 http://www.lowercholesterolwithoutdrugs.net/ How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: A Review
17 http://www.howlowercholesterolnaturally.org/ How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally: A Review
18 http://www.lowercholesterolwithoutmedication.org/ How to Lower Cholesterol Without Medication: A Review

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