mHealth Hospitals


mHealth is the new face of patient engagement and the hospitals are at the center of this revolution.

Our vision of mHealth was initiated in the year 2000 with our start-up company E-MedAsia, using the PC as the platform, and in 2013 has been migrated to mobile devices. was organized as a Pan Asian Healthcare Internet Company, dedicated to advancing medical and clinical practice by providing innovative, network-based communication and administrative application for medical professional and pharmaceutical companies. Organized and negotiated joint ventures in the Philippines, India, China and Taiwan.

in 2001 E-MedAsia was valued at US$100 million by a Swiss investment banker. E-MedAsia became a victim of the “dot com bubble” in 2001 and was not able to raise successive rounds of financing. The vision of E-MedAsia has been morphed into the current eMedToday initiative, embracing the realities of the mobile ‘smart device’ environment yet maintains the original theme.


In 2013, Graham Player and Hugh McClung started eMedToday

eMedToday is developing mobile hospital apps to engage patients, doctors and other professional hospital employees. The mobile app is downloaded from either the Apple Store, Google Play Store or a QR code in a hospital.

The eMedToday
Social Media Capability Maturity Model for Hospitals

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