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All of the programs below are very worthwhile and will work for you.  Read through the books and look at the Read More links to choose one that best suits what you are looking for.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

If you want to know about surprising foods that actually assist the fat burning in your body, or 3 foods marketed as healthy that actually increase your stomach fat or weird workouts that burn belly fat faster than typical cardio….

The Fat Burning Furnace

If you are a  person who hates long cardio and who wants incredible changes in your body without spending hours in the gym this book for you. Effective for both men and women at all different ages and fitness levels …. 

Turbulence Training

This program is for any beginner, intermediate or advanced level exerciser who is looking to achieve that “ Men’s Health/ Women’s Health” long and lean look.  You will get exact workouts to start with if you are a beginner all the way to advanced level ….

Holy Grail Body Transformation Program

If you are looking to achieve the kind of body that stops people dead in their tracks, this is the program for you. This program has been used with hundreds of clients to get “ stage” ready and reach a single digit body fat percentage ….

Fit Yummy Mummy

This program is absolutely perfect for the busy mom, pre and post pregnancy to achieve a lean and toned physique in a limited amount of time. If you are pressed for time and can only dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to working out, this program is for you ….

Muscle Grain Truth

With this program you will feel healthier…Stronger; you will look better…More desirable… A much more muscular and defined body with massive growth rate….